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Update on women pursuing STEM PhDs

Chicago Tribune, December 23, 2014


Recent news article recapping a recent study on number of women pursing PhDs in stem.

Harassment in the field

PLoS One, July 2014


Recent article reporting findings from a survey related to harassment in field settings

Subtle gender bias of faculty

PNAS, October 2012


Double-blind study shows faculty rate male applicants as more competent than identical female applicants

We aim to provide a safe space that fosters community and mutual support among women at all stages of their careers, including faculty members, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates.


GEODES presents a unique networking opportunity between students and faculty members.  Further, we plan to connect with women working in government service and industry positions throughout the Bay Area.


We help to raise awareness towards issues known to limit the participation and success of women in geosciences. We plan to provide strategies to address these issues through open dialogue & sharing experiences.

Next Meeting: May 14th - Understanding & Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Seminar

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